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Note: SwingLabs is currently re-worked. Sorry for any inconvenience,  Jeanette


SwingLabs provides a shared mailing list for both user and developer related issues across all core sub-projects (swingx, databinding, jdnc, demos and incubator). The shared list has a gateway to and from the shared discussion forum, so theoretically you can choose to follow and contribute to all discussions either via the mailinglist or via the web form (practically the gateway is broken occasionally, so watch out!)

Similarly, SwingLabs provides a shared mailing list for announcements (TBD-JW: which one??)

Besides, there are per-project mailinglists to get notified about changes to cvs and/or issues.

Shared Lists

For historical reasons the shared discussion list resides under the jdnc subproject. The list to subscribe to is named "jdnc". Note that you have to join the jdnc subproject to be able to subscribe.

Project Specific Lists

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with current changes in the version control cvs and/or the issue tracker, you can subscribe to one or both of the project specific lists. Both are meant to be read-only - that's not formally enforced, but writing to any of those is unlikely to draw a response. Note that you have to join this project be be able to subcribe.

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